Welcome to Tung Chung Catholic Kindergarten

School Introduction

Our Kindergarten bases its educational system on Catholic ideals and philosophies. We put forth earnest effort to foster a positive, energetic and compassionate atmosphere. We want to help each child to learn good behaviour and reach their potential. We also are concerned with nurturing their appreciation for spiritual things. With the cooperation of parents and varied teaching methods from our qualified staff, we are certain that we can continue to provide quality education for all students.


School Characteristics

Our Kindergarten links up with Primary Schools. Tung Chung Catholic School was established by a school sponsoring body, implementing a “Through-train” Mode. We have the same educational ideal and work together to create a comprehensive plan for basic primary and secondary education; providing students with a whole and consistent learning experience. We work hard to ensure that the transition from kindergarten to primary school is as smooth as possible, and, help students adapt to a new learning environment and face challenges ahead. Teachers from kindergarten and primary schools co-operate to exchange ideas, visits and observe each other’s lessons in order to understand the curriculum and different teaching methods.


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Core Values of Catholic Education







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School Facilities

The school caters for all aspects of education.  We have 6 Classrooms, Music Room, Library Room, Indoor Playground and a Computer Room which the students make use of on a regular basis.  School Area:746m2

School is Fun

We hope to provide a balance and comprehensive training suited to a child’s development needs including spiritual, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetic